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    Damien Chazelle

    united states | 126min | western canadian premiere | 2016 | english

    This year's rumoured favourite for the Best Picture Oscar and winner of the People's Choice award at TIFF is an old-style romantic musical featuring heart-swooning performances by Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling. Plus, there's an opening song and dance number on an LA freeway that you won't soon forget.

    Gala | fiction

    Wednesday Nov. 30 2016 9:30 PM Rainbow Theatre
    Wednesday Nov. 30 2016 6:30 PM Rainbow Theatre

    Sandra Lahnsteiner

    austria | 96min | canadian premiere | 2016 | english | english Sub.

    Austrian filmmaker and extreme sports enthusiast Sandra Lahnsteiner takes us on a global celebration of female athleticism as we travel from New Zealand to Austria, through Canada searching for the biggest waves and the best ski runs for her merry band of all-female adventure-seekers to conquer. Beautifully shot and duly inspiring for thrill seekers.

    Gala, Mountain Culture | documentary

    Sunday Dec. 4 2016 6:30 PM Rainbow Theatre
    Sunday Dec. 4 2016 9:30 PM Rainbow Theatre