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    Jim O'Hanlon

    united kingdom | 93min | canadian premiere | 2016 | english

    The story of three people's lives, who live within a three block radius of each other in downtown London. One is a street drug dealer, one a woman separated from her rugby playing superstar husband and the other a taxi driver about to have his life turned around. Idris Elba and Gemma Arterton star.

    World Now | fiction

    Saturday Dec. 3 2016 10:00 PM Village 8 Cinema - Theatre 6
    Sunday Dec. 4 2016 11:00 AM Rainbow Theatre

    Nicole Garcia

    france, belgium | 121min | western canadian premiere | 2016 | french | english Sub.

    Marion Cotillard is mesmerizing in her role as a small-town girl who refuses to accept a loveless marriage and is treated as having a mental illness because she dares to hold out hope for true love, which she finds in the form of a young injured veteran. Subtitled.

    World Now | fiction

    Thursday Dec. 1 2016 3:00 PM Rainbow Theatre
    Friday Dec. 2 2016 10:30 AM Rainbow Theatre

    Martin Zandvliet

    denmark, germany | 100min | western canadian premiere | 2015 | danish | english Sub.

    Following World War II, the Danish army used young German prisoners of war to hand defuse thousands of landmines buried along coastal beaches. The POWs are barely out of their teens and the suspense is intense as they attempt to defuse the volatile explosives. This is the Danish entry for this year's Oscars. Subtitled.

    World Now | fiction

    Friday Dec. 2 2016 12:00 PM Village 8 Cinema - Theatre 6

    Tomas Masin

    czech republic, slovakia | 115min | north american premiere | 2015 | czech, english | english Sub.

    A delightful Czech comedy in the style of Milos Forman's MY SWEET LITTLE VILLAGE. After WWI, a small town located in no man's land between Poland and Czechoslovakia, hopes to have itself annexed to Woodrow Wilson's America, and prepares for a visit from the American President.

    World Now | fiction

    Thursday Dec. 1 2016 12:30 PM Rainbow Theatre